Sep 16

Tips to Keep Your Chimney Clean

Chimney liner installation and chimney sweeps go hand in hand. It is the purpose of this article to explain why they are related and how they are important. Before we begin, make sure that if you are going to install a new chimney liner in the Chicago area, you check out Capital Chimney Corp – chimney liner installation. It is important to have your chimney cleaned at least once a year. For more information regarding chimney sweeps check out chimney cleaning Chicago. This removes any flammable substances that may have accumulated in your chimney while using the fireplace or the furnace flue. It is essential to get your fireplace cleaned before beginning to install a liner. If your chimney is not swept and a liner is installed, then the soot and creosote between the liner and the brickwork might overheat and potentially catch fire, resulting in some major damage to your home as well as a potentially fatal hazard to you and/or your family.

Please be sure that you never do anything in your home without doing proper research and becoming educated. If you try to install a liner without the necessary knowledge, it could end up very badly for you, your family, and your home. Avoid unnecessary chimney repairs by getting your home swept by a chimney sweep Naperville. Take it from countless others’ experience. Chimney repair is incredibly expensive and can run around thousands of dollars to fix a chimney.

Maybe you are wondering, “When is the best time to perform a chimney cleaning?” There is no precise answer for this because everyone uses there chimney in different degrees at different times. However, the answer that is most common is before winter. Fireplaces are used the most in winter. This is obviously due to colder weather. When the fireplace is being used more frequently, the chimney is more susceptible to creosote accumulation and soot forming on the chimney walls. That is why it’s tremendously important for you to have a chimney liner installed before winter comes. Take a look at the list of dangers involved with not having a chimney liner:

–        House can overheat and cause the insulation in your walls to catch fire

–        Drafting problems can occur and cause your house to fill with smoke whenever you are using the fireplace

–        Extreme heat causes rapid deterioration of the brickwork in your stack

–        Chimney fires are much more likely to happen if there is no liner in place

There you have it, some of the best information on the market regarding lining installation and cleaning. Be sure to check out our other blogs for more information.

Jul 28

John Francis SEO Consultant

John Francis is an online marketer and entrepreneur. John took to online marketing whilst at University, when he realised the reach of online channels was exponentially larger and cheaper than traditional media. The ability to track customers behavior through marketing efforts became John’s first goal with Google Analytics.

He then used his knowledge to help local business understand the performance of their websites, providing recommendations on how each can be improved to achieve their personal goals, whether it be to increase ranking in the search engines, or to improve click to lead performance.

John managed to support his university fees with his income from his local business marketing, until he graduated in 2012. Since then, John has delved into other channels such as SEO, PPC, email and mobile.

In order to stay with ever evolving times, John often completes courses with eConsultancy and The IDM. He also frequently tests new techniques to ensure his knowledge is up to scratch so when he speaks to clients he knows that his advice is sound and up to date in the eyes of Google.

John Francis SEO is now a locally recognised brand, and he operates as a full time SEO consultant.

Apr 13

Increase The Asking Price of Your House With These 5 Garage Staging Tips

According to Liz at Modern Design Home Staging in Mississauga one of the most under-utilized home staging opportunity to increase the sale price of a house going on the market is upgrade the garage. †She claims that adding some inexpensive touches can increase the price of a home by as much as 2%.

Here are the top ways to make your garage more impressive and increase your asking price.

1. De-clutter the Garage, No One Like a Mess

Make sure that everything will well organized in storage compartments and on the walls. †The garage is not a storage space for your moving boxes. If you need the room, rent a offsite storage facility for a couple of months until your house is sold.

2. Add Non Slip Rubber Mats and Cover Those Grease Spots.

Rubber Mats For Garage FloorRubber mats serve both the purpose of adding a safety element to the garage, but by adding colorful mats, your garage will look better and increase the perceived value of the house. † There are many types of rubber mats and some of the most ingenious models cover the whole garage with square rubber tiles that look fantastic.

3. Add a fresh Coat of Paint

Most times the last place we renovate and upkeep is the garage, but that does not mean that others feel the same way, and having a old and dirty garage will decrease the overall perception of the house even it the main house itself is in tip-top shape.

4. Add Wall Accents

Adding posters, paintings or other wall decorations to your garage might not be the first thing on your mind, but again giving any room a personal feel increases the odds that someone will “see themselves” living there and want to buy your property at the price you’re asking.

5. Showcase Your Vehicle(s) in The Garage

This again stems from the need of the person looking at your property to feel they are ready to live in the home. †Seeing 2 cars parked in the two car garage and how they fit nicely will remove such questions †and help you close faster.

Make sure to take this easy opportunity to add value to your home and sell faster for a higher price.

Mar 29

Non Slip Mat: Essential Rubber Matting For Businesses

Safety at work has a lot more consideration compared with previous years, so it’s important that organizations are aware of the best way to create a secure workplace. An easy way for you to always keep safety up in the workplace is to apply the best non slip matting.

Anti fatigue matting ( visit are a fairly new type of mat that are specifically designed to provide the user with increased amounts of comfort and support. These mats are a unique style of mat, which offer relief when stood on cold floors such as concrete for extensive amounts of time.Standing on concrete flooring for any period of time is generally uncomfortable at best.

In case your company is still equipped with cold flooring in which people have to stand on for work, it is crucial that you tell your line supervisor immediately. Stretching out and loosening our muscles is of paramount importance when standing for long periods of time. This needs to be taken into consideration when working with fatigue relief flooring or not. This might lead to numerous posture issues over time.



Back problems is often the initial signs of standing up too long on inappropriate flooring surfaces. If you happen to proceed to stand for extended periods, you could experience even more pain such as migraines, or joint pain. Attention is more likely to decrease when standing for lengths of time on cold, hard surfaces. Reduced awareness also implies a lower level of output, and will lose the firm money.

The number of benefits that fatigue relief matting bring to the organization is definitely worth the small purchase.


Their particular design stimulates individuals to continue to make continual tiny movements, which keeps circulation normal and strong. These minor movements will also help develop posture, and minimize the stress on particular areas and joints when stood up for long durations. These types of mats also help to keep warmth within the body, rather than standing on concrete which absorbs body heat. This will help to ensure the employee is able to do their job in any environment.

This easy method has additionally been shown to boost staff morale. Anti fatigue mats are now used in all areas of all industrial sectors, and are now a placeholder item for companies who value their staff. Restaurants and hospitality sectors have experienced the most obvious surge in demand for these floor mats. An advantage of rubber matting is that they are extremely long lasting and will normally give slip resistance and ensure performance, so they prove to be a very good choice for just about any work place.

Here are some easy points why you need to invest in the best rubber matting and safety flooring-

  1. Encourages frequent minor adjustments to standing position, that reduces tension in joints.
  2. The mats help the body minimize stress which your body needs to deal with.
  3. Helps the body to save energy resources by simply coaching your body to make only minor but necessary energy-efficient movements.
  4. Relieves foot pressure caused by flattening of the feet.
    The body is insulated against the cold flooring below.
  5. Concentration and work productivity is improved.

The low investment required for these types of mats ensures that you can effortlessly afford to install them when suitable. Look about and pay attention to areas where anti fatigue floor mats could be installed in your business.